Haunting facts about the Titanic you didn't know

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The Titanic still remains one of the worst disasters in maritime history - the classically "unsinkable" ship that struck an iceberg and sank. Here's a bunch of haunting facts you didn't know about the ship.

Did you know there has only ever been one cruise liner to collide with an ice berg in history?

That ship was the Titanic.

There are some pretty eerie facts about this elegant cruise liner...


1. A Japanese survivor escaped the ship. When he returned to Japan, he was shamed and told he should have gone down with the ship.


2. You know in the movie, that emotional moment when the Titanic is sinking and the band members continue to play to calm down the passengers? That actually happened in real life. They played for four hours after the ship hit the iceberg.


3. If the crew had seen and alerted the captain just 30 seconds before they did, the accident would have been avoided.


4. You know Hershey's chocolates? The owner of the famous chocolate company, Milton Hershey, was supposed to be on the Titanic. He sold his ticket at the last minute.


5. In 1898, 14 years before the tragedy struck, an American author wrote a novel called "Futility: The Wreck Of The Titan", which was about a british cruise ship named the "Titan", which set sail on its maiden voyage, struck an ice berg and sank, going down with all passengers and crew. The details of the novel are hauntingly similar to what happened to the Titanic. 



6. The crew from the Titanic only had a really short time - seven days -  to prepare for her maiden voyage - the biggest and most luxurious ships in the world up until that point needed months of preparation. This resulted in Captain Smith cancelling crew lifeboat training, without any reason - the training was never rescheduled, and never conducted. The night Titanic sank, this was the first time the crew had ever attempted to roll out the lifeboats.


7. The total capacity for the Titanic was 3547 people. The 18 lifeboats on board had capacity for 65 people each - which was not enough. There wasn't enough seating space on the lifeboats for even HALF of the people on the ship. 



8. Over half the lifeboats were only half full. If the lifeboats were full to capacity, around 1178 more people would have survived. Only 705 people of the 2223 people on board survived the sinking


10. Captain Smith was notorious for his history of navigational problems.


11. On September 1, 1985, an expiration was successful in locating the Titanic.



12. The movie Titanic cost more money to make than the actual boat itself


13. After Titanic sank, boats went out to the site with ice and empty coffins, with the mission to find human remains. 


14. Bodies were found floating vertically and looked as if they were asleep.  Each corpse was checked for identification. 


15. All first class bodies were taken back to shore. The other 116 bodies were attached to weights and buried at sea.


16. Most people died of overexposure to the cold rather than from drowning 


17.Only around 300 bodies were recovered. 

Written By Emily Whitham