Flight attendant hands a passenger this note… Which wasn’t supposed to be for him

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Frontier Airlines passenger William Stratton had barely settled into his seat for a flight over the weekend when he received a note, which he quickly realised wasn’t intended for him.

Not long after the plane left the terminal and started taxiing, a Frontier Airlines flight attendant dropped a note, written on a napkin, on passenger William Stratton’s lap.

“We were about to pull away from the gate, and the flight attendant said sir, here is the rest of your boarding pass and handed me a white piece of paper,” Mr Stratton told Fox 10.

He was a little taken aback as he opened the note, which had seat numbers written down - 10F, 13F and underneath these seat numbers -  “other armed passengers”.

William quickly worked out this note wasn’t for him… In fact, the note was intended for an air marshal.

Before you panic, this is standard procedure for air marshals to be alerted to who else is armed on a flight.

…But why are other passengers ARMED ON A FLIGHT!?

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Stratton explained to Fox 10 the note made him feel hideously uncomfortable during the flight.

A former air marshal told the same news outlet that if that note had fallen into somebody else’s hands, it could have sparked absolute disaster…


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As in, imagine if the note had fallen into the hands of someone who had done something BAD with the information… 

“Well, I didn’t really know what to think. I went up to her and said ‘ma’am this wasn’t intended for me’. And she just said ‘oh god’, and that was it.”

A spokesperson for Frontier told the outlet, “The note was handed to another customer instead of the person it was intended for after the customer changed seats on the plane.”

Stratton’s boarding pass says differently.

“Those are the seats we were assigned; those are the seats we sat in. I can’t imagine it’s very easy just to change seats, let alone with someone who is assigned a specific seat for safety purposes,” he said.

Written By Emily Whitham
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