9 ways to improve your love life, according to science

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We often turn to friends when it comes to love and relationship advice, but sometimes it still doesn't work out...

So where do you look next? Science of course!

Let us guide you through these steps to scientifically improve your relationship.

1. Wear red

Megan Fox Red Dress

A study at the University of Rochester found men are more attractive to women who wear a shade of red, and coincidentally, women are also more attracted to men who wear red according to another study. 

So no matter who you're trying to attract, get your best red outfits out next time you head out!

2. Drink red wine

Drinking red wine

According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who drink one or two glasses of red wine a day had a higher sex drive than those who don't drink at all.

3. Don't fight via text message

Angry textin

It might be hard, but don't just unleash on your partner over text message, wait until you're face to face. 

The Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy found that couples who fight via text message actually have a lower relationship quality and are unhappier than those who fought face-to-face.

4. Stay in and watch movies together

Staying in

The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that divorce rates were 50 per cent lower in couples who watched relationship-focused movies together and then discussed them afterwards.

Apparently, this allows couples to see what they're doing right and wrong in their relationship and work on how to better it.

5. Divide up chores


Couples who divide up their chores are left feeling happier in their relationships according to research done by UCLA.

6. Get some sleep

Sleep Marissa Ryan The OC

We all know the benefits we reap from a good night's sleep as individuals but, it turns out, it's really good for your relationship too.

Researchers at UC Berkley found that you're more likely to fight the next day if you have a bad night's sleep.

7. Say you're sorry


But you actually have to mean it if you want to benefit your relationship! 

A study done in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships showed that the more you accept responsibility and apologise for what you've done wrong, the happier the relationship will be.

8. Be positive

Be positive

A study from The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that those who reacted positively to their partner's good news speaks volumes about how strong their bond is. Those who responded positively to their partner doing well had the strongest relationships.

Time to get the pom-poms out!

9. Don't forget the little things

Beyonce cooking

It doesn't need to be the big things all the time, just try cooking your partner's favourite dinner tonight!

Written By Marni Dixit

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You said WHAT, Melbourne?