Turns out sex puts you into a bit of a trance

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A new study by Northwestern University neuroscientist Adam Safron, has revealed that the “rhythmic nature” of sex is comparable to “pushing someone on a swing". The measurable rhythm that occurs during sexual activity is both linked to the quality of your love-making and the hazy mindset that follows. 

The scientist spoke with Huffington Post about his study, sharing his learnings with the publication:

“I suspect that viewing sexuality as a kind of altered state of consciousness could help people to see sex as something extraordinary, potentially helping them to have a greater appreciation for their partners, and possibly even helping to prevent sex from losing its fascination.”

Much like with music, the rhythm associated with sex has been found to transport people into a kind of trance, leading to a momentary loss of control. Safron has gone so far as to compare this dream-like state to meditation.

And if you’re looking to up your game in the bedroom? Work on your musicality.

“The ability to maintain and adjust rhythms precisely, and with variety, helps to make someone both a good dancer and a good lover, Safron said.

“Focusing on the rhythmic aspects of sexuality could both help people to enjoy sex more and to be more of the kinds of lovers that they want to be.”

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Written By Steph Nuzzo

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