The Martian was almost filmed in Australia

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Matt Damon

Matt Damon almost called Australia home

Matt Damon almost called Australia home when he filmed The Martian but at the last minute, they had to change the location. 

Smallzy caught up Matt Damon on the red carpet of his new film The Great Wall where he revealed the reason the only reason they didn’t film The Martian in Australia was because they didn’t qualify for the rebate. 

“We had a real near miss on The Martian, we just didn’t qualify for the rebate. So we were close. Ridley had scouted locations my bags were packed, we were looking for properties for rent on Bondi, but it just didn’t happen” 

The Martian ended up being filmed in Budapest and Wadi Rum in Jordan. Twenty sets were built on a sound stage in Budapest while Wadi Rum in Jordan was used as a backdrop for filming. 

The Martian

Matt Damon’s new film The Great Wall is a US- Chinese co-production about the bringing together of different cultures by the mutual need to fight monsters. Matt Damon plays William, leader of a band of 11th- century European mercenaries.

Check out the trailer:

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