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The best bits from Thursdays show

Marvel was planning to release the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer next week, but it’s like the tech activist nerds say: information wants to be free. The...

hottest guy in the world is a spanish soldier?

Armed with natural good looks and eye-catching stubble, this Spanish soldier has just become the hottest man in the world.

Jessica Mauboy takes on Fitzy & Wippa's Shazam Challenge

1. Jess Mauboy
2. Shazam challenge with Jess Mauboy
3. The Nokia phone is no longer being made
4. Has a celebrity hit on your partner?
5. Callers
6. Grant Denyer –...

S Club 7 to reunite
Image | Twitter

Yes you read that correctly - S Club 7 are bringing "it all back to you"!

Young Daschund is adorably trained with a bell and some treats.

This 10-week-old Dachshund learns how to acquire unlimited treats with just the ring of a bell!

On todays podcast, Tommy tries what could be Melbournes hottest chicken wings, we ask what your dad gets up to when your Mum is away AND who have you modelled for?

Olly Murs in Nova's studio's - Sydney, Australia

Olly Murs will be taking...

Tommy tries stupid hot wings

Tommy thought he would give Trunktown's stupid hot wings a try… I mean how hot can they be?!

Casanova Boog has been out getting Preston's best joke

Preston! You are the final stop on Meshel & Tommy's Local Comedy Tour! 

Taylor Swift 8 second track goes to number 1
Image | Instagram

Taylor Swift has got another number one under her belt...