“He said yes!” Ricky Martin engaged to boyfriend

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Ricky Martin has announced to the world he is engaged to his boyfriend of just over a year, Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin is over the moon, after announcing on The Ellen Show that he is engaged to his boyfriend of just over a year, Jwan Yosef.

Speaking to DeGeneres, he explained how the relationship came to be -

“He’s a conceptual artist and I’m a collector. I started looking for art and I saw his art and I went crazy because I really love what he does. Really original… And then I contacted him.”

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Then he blurted -

“We just got engaged… I’m sweating!”

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Ricky said he was the one who proposed, telling Ellen how he did it.

"I got on my knees and I took out the little metal box. I just had it in a little velvet pouch and instead of saying, ‘Will you marry me?’ I said, ‘I got you something!’ Bad. Then he was like, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘I want to spend my life with you,’ and he was like, ‘What is the question?’ ‘Would you marry me?’ That’s it.”


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Martin said the proposal was “very beautiful” and explained it took a good 30 minutes to sink in that Yosef had agreed.

Ellen also enquired how Yosef is with Martin’s eight-year-old twins…

Martin’s response just made us melt…

“They love each other. It’s perfect, Ellen. It’s been really special.”


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Emily Whitham

The couple lashed out on Instagram


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